43rd Street Studios is a ceramics studio focusing on community and collaboration in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA.

The Community

We are a shared space that provides a unique niche for the RVA ceramics community: a shared space for artists to both work independently and to co-create.

We host specialized workshops and various classes, with topics and projects that span all different skill levels and ages.

We collaborate with RVA's arts community through events and festivals, such as the annual 43rd Street Festival of the Arts. We plan to further connect with local businesses and arts organizations as we establish our place in the community. 

Our Location

In the heart of the Forest Hill neighborhood, we are close to Forest Hill Park, Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream, Little Nickel and all of the new spots in Westover Hills.

1410 W 43rd Street, Richmond, VA 23225

  • Open by appointment or stop by if you see us working!

    We are located in the former 43rd Street Gallery space. We recently completed renovations and have created a functional ceramics studio for classes, memberships and events.

About Us

Joanna Gragnani, owner of 43rd Street Studios, is from Richmond and has been making ceramics for over 15 years. Her hand-built forms are organic and show her finger marks, emphasizing the process of creating with clay. She creates under the name Objects Arsenal. Joanna has been teaching classes for a few years and she loves the community aspect of ceramics. Joanna's partner, Neil Nordheim, is a contractor who manages the building and recently completed the renovation of the space. Together they have done home renovation projects and this is the latest adventure. They have three children and live in Woodland Heights. The whole family is excited about this new opportunity!